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Last week we found some more of that dodgy plumbing pipe.
It’s called "Dux Quest”. Most potential home owners would be completely unaware of this issue. It was in the news a few years ago. I’ll put a link at the end to an article from TVNZ for more background info. In a nutshell it was a failed product that has been taken off the market but unfortunately it is still installed in many older houses. It is prone to spontaneously failing and subsequently causing leaks behind walls, in ceiling etc. Many insurance companies will not cover damage caused by this product. In this photo the black part of the pipe is the "Dux Quest”. This just one of the many reasons you must get a Pre Purchase house inspection done before you consider buying property. There are so many pitfalls for the unwary. This sort of knowledge can only be gained from having been in the industry for many many years and by continually reading and keeping up to date with how materials are standing up to the test of time. So here's that link...

by Susan 1st March, 2018
   Many homes in NZ built between 1940 & 1980 contain asbestos. Here is a link to an article which highlights the issues surrounding it. When we check your new home we will tell you if it is likely to contain asbestos.   
 Are you worried you about buying a "Leaky"?? We can help you avoid that. Here is a website that summarises many of the issues & pitfalls 
 I have put a couple of new sample reports up this week. No.3 is of a classic "leaky" home & no. 4 is a brand new home with major quality issues. They make for interesting reading & both clients were extremely happy they had employed our services.   Susan 26th Oct 2017
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78b Hattaway Ave, Bucklands Beach
92a Marne Rd, Papakura
19 Blue Gum Rise, Sunnyhills
30a Poruru Close, Papakura
11b Greenbank Drive, St Johns
21 Hamilton Drive, Waiuku
67 Twomey Drive, Pukekohe
21 Powell St, Avondale
9 Roberton Rd, Avondale
182 Kohimarama Rd, Kohimarama